Why We Believe in Medical Grade Skin Care!

 At The Laser Lounge Spa, we believe that Medical Grade Skin Care is the gold standard for quality and results. There are many benefits to using medical grade skin care products, including:


– Higher concentrations of active ingredients

– Greater purity and quality control

– More effective formulas


We only use medical grade skin care products because we believe in their superior efficacy. We want our patients to experience the best possible results, and medical grade skin care products deliver on that promise! If you’re looking for the highest quality skin care available, trust your aesthetic skin care experts right here at The Laser Lounge Spa. We’ll help you choose the right medical grade products for your unique needs and ensure that you get optimal results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 


Investing in medical grade at-home skincare can significantly improve existing skin issues while slowing the skin aging process and protecting against future damage. This means you will be less likely to need aggressive (and pricier) treatments to deal with skin issues in the future.


Ready to make the swap for medical-grade products? Come in and check out all of our favorites! We know they will become your favorites, too.

Medical Grade Skin Care doesn’t always mean more expensive, but it does always mean better ingredients and quality products with proven results.”

At The Laser Lounge Spa, we offer so many ways to help you keep your skin glowing and feeling its absolute best! From medical grade facials to medical grade skin care lines, we have something for everyone! Let us pamper you and treat you with a luxurious treatment, or two!

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